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Four steps to go live...
1. Click 'Subscribe' and fill out the form for your free trial.
2. Start adding events.
3. We'll setup the calendar to match your website.
4. Link from your website to your calendar.

Calendar Lite

Purpose: Keep everyone informed using a web calendar. Viewable to anyone (or optionally make it private) while one person may add or change events.
Customizable  Customized to look and feel exactly like your website (don't settle for a logo).
Integration  Widgets to display events on your home page or anywhere on your website.
Unlimited  Unlimited number of events and group calendars.
Repeating Events  Repeating events, of course.
Calendar Views  Day, Week, Month views in both graphical and list styles.
Price  Price: $96 per year.


Purpose: Promote events and schedule meetings. Users may request events and meetings to be posted to the calendar.
Calendar Lite  Includes everything from Calendar Lite.
Calendar Lite  Events and event changes may be approved before being posted.
Calendar Lite  Unlimited number of users.
Calendar Lite  Users may be approved or blocked.
Calendar Lite  User Privileges: Site, Event, and User Administrator levels.
Calendar Lite  Reminders and e-mail notifications of new events.
Calendar Lite  Personal (private) events.
Price  Price: $240 per year.

Calendar Pro

Purpose: Manage events easily from anywhere. Calendar Pro provides users a way to request events with equipment, services, and setup instructions.
Event Manager  Includes everything from Calendar.
Event Manager  You may setup your own equipment and services.
Event Manager  Reports provide setup instructions, etc, to support the event.
Price  Price: $360 per year.

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